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Catch a glimpse of our jet boat tearing across the ocean on the beautiful Gold Coast, with the golden beaches and city skyline making the perfect backdrop.

Ocean Jet Boating boast a unique jet boat experience off the coast of Surfers Paradise. With our jet boat ride you can view stunning Surfers Paradise skyline right from the Sea. Take a look at above video!

Gold Coast's only offshore Jet Boat Ride from ocean jetboating on Vimeo.

Sometimes our Ocean Jet Boat attraction is joined by some curious sea creatures. Check out the video above of one of our experiences with two friendly whales and another ride where we raced against a pod of dolphins.

Ocean jet boating had some perfect conditions out in the pacific ocean! The forecast was a big ground swell with no wind. With the big swells that frequent the shores of the Gold Coast, it was a fantastic day to get out into the ocean and take on the waves at high speed.

Check out this quick clip of some of our Ocean Jet Boating ride reactions! You are able to view your every scream, squeal and smile immediately after your jet boat ride. This is a great idea for anyone that wants to relive their jet boat experience or take home to show family and friends.

This is not your typical jet boat ride. If you're looking for something a few notches up from other jet boat rides, or an exciting activity that ignites the emotions of a theme park, this is an experience to include on your Gold Coast itinerary! Ocean jet is powered by 880 horse power engines coupled up to two 12 inch jet units pumping out 50,000 litres of water per minute.

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Why Us?

Hop inside a purpose-built jet boat that is fully enclosed with a glass roof and doors so you can see the waves breaking over the cabin. The cabin is sealed and air-conditioned so that thrill-seekers are as comfortable as possible as they take on 360-degree spins in the 880 horsepower boat. Passengers are harnessed up and enjoy staying dry during the experience. The enclosed cabin means adrenalin junkies can embark on their adventure even on rainy days.


880hp twin doen jets! Faster than the others!


Comfortable seats with 3 point harnesses.


The last thing you want to be at 90kph is wet! Even on sunny days it can be uncomfortable.


Maximum of 12 guests means you get a much more personal fully guided tour.


Operates year round in air-conditioned comfort.


We go where others can't!