Best Extreme Activities on the Gold Coast

Aerial view of the Gold Coast & Surfers Paradise

The Gold Coast is a haven for popular water sports like surfing, boating, swimming, kite surfing, water skiing and tobogganing. It’s also a popular destination for dining, shopping, whale watching, and visiting national parks.

However, not everyone knows that this Queensland tourist spot is also a haven for extreme sports. There are many companies that offer skydiving, zip lining, and jet boating to name a few.

Extreme Activities On The GC

If you are looking for some adrenaline rush on your holiday trip, we listed down the best extreme activities on the Gold Coast for you to choose from.

SkyPoint Climb at the Q1 Building

Two girls on top of the skypoint climb overlooking the Gold Coast.

The Q1 Resort Building is one of the most prominent landmarks on the Gold Coast. On top of the Q1 (at 270m high) is a magnificent 360 degree-view of the Gold Coast and the Coral Sea. It is an Instagram opportunity not to be missed! For 90 minutes, you’ll experience the thrilling ascend to the top and witness the breath-taking view from the Gold Coast’s highest summit.

Skypoint offers different types of a climb, as well as climb-and-dine packages to make your adventure even more memorable. These include the following:

  • Day Climb starting at $74
  • Day Climb and Dine Package at $84 for adults
  • Night Climb every Friday and Saturday starting at $84
  • Twilight Climb starting at $94 for adults
  • Morning Climb and Dine Package every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at $94 for adults
  • Sunrise Climb starting at $74

Note: Pre-bookings must be made for all types of climb and packages. Some health conditions may require a medical disclosure form.

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Gold Coast Aerobatic Flight

Small stunt plane flying over Surfers Paradise.

Experience the ultimate thrill of flying aboard the Russian YAK 52 aircraft like its World War II. It doesn’t end there, you’ll feel the sensation of gravity as you loop, roll and twist with the many sudden manoeuvres and stunts of the plane as you cruise through the Gold Coast skyline.

The Ultimate Aerobatic Flight by Gold Coast Adventure Flights lasts for 25 minutes and can accommodate one person at a time. If you are an adrenaline junky, be sure to ask the pilot for the full aerobatic treatment.

The price per person is $420.

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iFly Indoor Skydiving

Group of kids watching another child float in the wind tunnel at iFly.

Do you want something that you can do with your kids? No problem. One of the best extremes activities on the Gold Coast is indoor skydiving, and it’s children-friendly.

Using a fully-controlled vertical glass tunnel, your family can experience the feeling of free falling without jumping from an aeroplane. It’s completely safe but you may start to feel like doing the actual free fall from 14,000 feet.

With an all-around viewing platform, everybody can watch each other’s turn in trying out indoor skydiving for 50 seconds.

There are different packages to choose from for the iFly indoor skydiving.

  • The iFly Into, which includes 2 flights per person, costs $72 from Monday to Friday and $99 on weekends.
  • The iFly Plus, which includes 4 flights per person, costs $109 from Monday to Friday and $139 on weekends.
  • The iFly Family and Friends, which includes 10 flights for 2 to 5 persons, costs $289 from Monday to Friday and $419 on weekends.
  • The iFly VR, which includes 2 training flights and 1 VR location flight per person. It costs $149 and only kids of 8 years and above are allowed.
  • The iFly VR Ultimate, which includes 2 training flights and 3 VR location flights per person. It costs $199 only kids of 12 years and above are allowed.

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Gold Coast Tandem Skydiving

Tandem skydive involving male instructor and a young man freefalling.

A list of extreme activities will not be complete without skydiving. If you want the real experience of dropping out of a plane from 15,000 feet, then Skydive Byron Bay is your destination. One of its thrill rides is a tandem skydive, which is a perfect way for you to challenge your fears. Feel the ultimate adrenaline rush of free falling for 60 seconds at 200 km/h along with an experienced skydiving crew.

After activating the parachute, you’ll be able to see the spectacular views of Byron Bay and the Gold Coast from above while slowly descending for 5 to 7 minutes.

For just $309, you’ll be able to try this once in a lifetime experience, which you will surely treasure all your life. If you will come with a group of 8 or more, the tandem skydiving cost per person is $259.

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Jet Boating

Ocean Jetboat in the pacific ocean as a pod of dolphins swim alongside.

A high-speed activity that’s becoming more and more popular among foreign and local tourists is jet boating. It’s one of the best extreme activities on the Gold Coast right now, and there are two types to choose from.

Ocean Jet

With Ocean Jet, where you’ll experience travelling offshore at 100km/h on an 880hp Twin Turbo Charge engined jet boat. You’ll be able to feel the thrill of wave jumping, speeding, and quick spinning, without getting wet.

Jet Boating prices are:

  • $79 for adults (17 years old and above).
  • $64 for children (8 to 16 years old).

Ocean Jet also offers a JetBoat and Helitour package at $179 and $145 for adults and children, respectively.

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Jet Boat Extreme

Then there is Jetboat Extreme which is your more typical jetboating experience. The ultimate ride boating experience is priced at:

  • $62 for 15 yrs and above.
  • $47 for 5 to 14 years old children.
  • $175 for families for 2 adults and 2 children.

The 55-minute ride will be done with a 650hp twin jet turbo engined and open-aired Jet Boat. If you don’t mind getting wet, then Jetboat Extreme is a good option for you.

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Visiting Theme Parks

Theme parks promotional poster that says the Gold Coast is the theme park capital of Australia.

The Gold Coast is also home to some of the best theme parks in Australia. These theme parks also offer some extreme activities with their different thrilling rides. Some of the theme parks include:

  • DreamWorld, $85 for a day.
  • MovieWorld, $95 for a single day pass.
  • Wet ‘N Wild Waterpark, $79 for one day.
  • SeaWorld, $79 for a single day pass.

You can try extreme rides like Roller Coasters, Sky Flyer, Surfrider, Tornado Waterslide, Batwing Spaceshot, and the Pandamonium. These rides will give you that dose of adrenaline and excitement you've been looking for.


Zip Lining

Lady zip lining among the green treetops.

The ThunderBird Park in Tamborine Mountain offers another one of the best extreme activities on the Gold Coast.

The Canyon Flyer is one of Australia’s largest guided Zipline Tours. It’s composed of 7 massive zip lines that pass through the Cedar Creek Canyon at 60m high. Ziplining with the Canyon Flyer will let you fly across the canyon at 70km/h.

Canyon Flyer is open every day, except Christmas and Boxing Day, at 10 AM and 1 PM.

Admission ticket prices are $120 for adults and $100 for children.

Note: You must weigh between 40kg and 120kg to ride the zip lines.

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V8 Superstar Experience

Hotted up cars stationary on racetrack with tyre skid marks everywhere.

If you want to go fast and furious, why not race with your friends with V8 supercars? Located in Norwell, Supercars Official Driving Experience offers different packages that let you drive in a varying number of laps through its racecourse.

Driving on your own, a 3-lap ride costs $179, 5 laps cost $235, and $335 for a 7-lap ride.

The company also offers a 7-lap ride ($405) and a 10-lap ride ($595), both of which include 2 laps of the ride with a Supercars professional driver.

All packages include free use of race suit and helmet.


Get Your Adrenaline Fix at Ocean Jet Boating

These best extreme activities on the Gold Coast will make your holiday a very memorable one.

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